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Monday, 13 November 2017

Rugby season is upon us! We are pleased to announce that St Cuthberts Mill will be sponsoring two players at Wells Rugby Football Club (RFC). We will be sponsoring Alex Payne and Brad Hibbert.

“Wells Rugby Football Club was founded at a Dinner held at The Star Hotel on 12 October 1876. The first match was against Yeovil on 9 November and the Wells team captained by E M Hippesley was won with six unconverted tries to nil. Having said that, there is some evidence to show that a club was going some four years before 1876 as records show that a certain H Freeman from Wells and Marlborough was capped by England three times between 1872 and 1874 and also a Mr F B G D'Aguiliar who played for Wells occasionally played for England in 1872. Since those early days the club have moved grounds on many occasions from such diverse places such as, Gallows Close, Knapp Hill, East Horrington, the Bath & West Show Ground, Sheldons and since 1983, the present ground in Charter Way. 

The club is hoping to develop and expand, especially the playing areas, also the clubhouse needs to expand and update the changing facilities. However this all needs money, which the club has to earn one way or the other. The current committee are working hard to improve the facilities, bearing in mind of course that the main object of the club is to promote the great game of rugby in and around Wells for years to come.Wells RFC

Alex Payne (centre)
Alex Payne is an Engineer and Electrician at St Cuthberts Mill. He has been playing Rugby for 17 years, and has played for Wells RFC for 14 years. His position is ‘Forward’, and he can play between numbers 4 and 8.

Brad Hibbert (centre)
Brad Hibbert previously worked at St Cuthberts Mill as an Electrician. Brad says, “I got into rugby after many years of the 'Payne' brothers telling me how good it was and I should get into it, I’m currently into my 3rd season of playing, I enjoy everything about it from spending 80 minutes battling your opposite man to the social side afterwards.”

#StCMill are proud to sponsor Alex Payne and Brad Hibbert for this rugby season 
with @wellsrfc #Rugby #Wells #Sponsorship

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